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How to pick a healthy hypoallergenic carpet 

Hayfever season has got us thinking about how we might be able to help our readers enjoy a happy healthy home without any allergy-instigating interior design elements. Carpets can sometimes be blamed for disturbing sensitive respiratory systems, so in today’s article, we’ll show you how an expert Wellington carpet installation company can create a healthy [...]

Spring clean/makeover your carpets in time for summer

Spring is in full swing, and while cleaning is nobody’s favourite activity, this season provides a perfect climate in which to get work done without too much discomfort. The excuses of the weather being too cold or too hot to clean, declutter and renovate are out the window, and the potential for fantastic home improvement [...]

Future-proof flooring continued 

The perfect carpet for a messy family  What’s a family home without a little mess? Mess keeps a home human, and we’re here to tell you that there’s a carpet designed specifically for such circumstances as this. For messy families moving in and out of doors across their carpeted floors, we offer this advice for [...]

Future-proof flooring: the perfect long-lasting Wellington flooring 

In today’s article, our Wellington flooring professionals have compiled a few of our favourite tips for ensuring you get the most out of your new carpets. Because, while a certain style of carpet might look lovely today, changeable trends and poor quality could see your floor fit for a second replacement far too soon. To [...]

The benefits of laminated flooring in Wellington

Spring and summer are our country’s most popular seasons for renovation. One of the most effective ways to update and transform a home is to exchange your tired old Wellington carpets for some bright fresh floors. If you’re looking for the perfect affordable and family-friendly flooring option with which to update your worn-out Wellington flooring, [...]

Carpet Tiles: the best decision you’ll ever make for your workplace

Affordable, adaptable and always stylish, carpet tiles are a terrific option if you’re looking to update your Wellington commercial flooring. If you’ve got a big building to carpet, tiles are a tried and true option used by loads of businesses. A large expanse of floor can be expensive to carpet with just one roll or [...]

The benefits of Wellington Vinyl Flooring

It’s no secret that Wellington Vinyl flooring is a fabulous option for home renovations. Modern vinyl flooring comes in a range of fashionable and functional designs that offer dozens of benefits – the likes of which you might never have seen or known to exist!  Step aside, Wellington carpets, because for today’s blog we’ll be [...]

Three things you’ll notice when you no longer have carpets

Was it always this noisy?  One of the first and most obvious things you’ll notice about a home without Wellington carpets is the sudden influx of acoustic pollution. To speak loudly or have the volume up on your TV in a room without carpets will usually result in an echoey mess of sound. Carpets soak [...]

Budget-Friendly Wellington Flooring

Whether you’re building or renovating your home, we’ve all got a budget to stick to. Cutting costs where possible will see you through to a happy, comfortable home for yourself, your family or your tenants. In terms of affordable Wellington flooring, there are a number of ways in which you can cover your home without [...]

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