In today’s article, our Wellington flooring professionals have compiled a few of our favourite tips for ensuring you get the most out of your new carpets. Because, while a certain style of carpet might look lovely today, changeable trends and poor quality could see your floor fit for a second replacement far too soon. To make sure you purchase a carpet that’ll keep you happy for longer, try to remember the following tips before you carry out this big and potentially life-changing purchase. 


Colour is key

While choosing a colour is the most fun and exciting element of any other interior design choice, carpet colour choice is usually less eventful. While you might be drawn to bold and brilliant colour choices, it is usually recommended that you keep your carpet colour neutral in order to allow the rest of your interior design to shine. A neutral carpet might not be bold and brilliant, but you’ll certainly be grateful for it when trends change and it comes time to update your furnishings. Feel free to paint your walls any shade of the rainbow, or hang glittering magenta curtains all over the home, but let your carpet be a complementary canvas of neutrality if you plan to go bold in the other elements of your home. 

If, however, your walls and decor are expected to be quite muted in tone, we would absolutely advise selecting one of our patterned Wellington carpets for an exciting design addition to liven up your home. 


Colours continued: lighting

Fun fact: did you know that most carpets appear 20% lighter once they’ve been laid out in a full Wellington flooring installation? The light reflected from your walls and ceiling will bounce off and illuminate your seemingly darker carpet, causing it to seem as though someone has given you an unexpectedly lighter shade of Wellington flooring.

To avoid being struck by this strange lightening surprise, ensure that you make an affordable Wellington carpets selection that is perhaps just a tad darker than the true shade you wish to achieve. For advice and answers to all your carpet related questions, you need only contact the experts at Robert Inwood Flooring for valuable carpet installation and maintenance advice.