Spring is in full swing, and while cleaning is nobody’s favourite activity, this season provides a perfect climate in which to get work done without too much discomfort. The excuses of the weather being too cold or too hot to clean, declutter and renovate are out the window, and the potential for fantastic home improvement is on the table. 

In the spirit of spring cleaning, let’s lay down a few ways in which you can aesthetically improve and update your home before summer’s heat really kicks in. Today’s article will, of course, be focussed on maintaining or updating your Wellington carpets. 


You’ve got to start somewhere

The fibres of our carpet tend to store unbelievable amounts of dirt, often so microscopic as to not be seen by the human eye. The effects of a dirty carpet can, however, be felt by the average human lung, or detected by the average human nose. 

Dusty, dirty, musty and mouldy carpets are asking for trouble, and the tinder to a whole host of health concerns. Your Wellington flooring experts at Robert Inwood Flooring can assure you that a Wellington carpet is most vulnerable now, after a cold and wet winter leading into a warm muggy spring. A season of closed windows, muddy shoes, dirty pets and hot showers transforms your fibrous carpet into a breeding ground for mould, if left unmaintained. 

Ensure your carpet is professionally cleaned during the spring season before the weather warms too much, and if you spot any discolouration in your floors, be sure to seek a Wellington carpet installation professional to replace your potentially health-hazardous flooring. 


Time for a fresh new look? 

Spring isn’t just about maintaining a clean home. This season of change can also inspire a need for an updated and exciting new interior. If you wish to freshen your homes tired old appearance with a bright and bold new look, there’s no better place to start than your Wellington flooring. You won’t know yourself after a fresh Wellington carpet installation. Light, clean carpets totally brighten up a home, lifting the appearance of your tired old walls and furnishings with refracted light, your fresh new Wellington carpets will create a comfortable, even surface upon which to tread for years to come. 


If you’re in the market to spring clean and make a true difference in your home, start by calling in the Wellington flooring experts at Robert Inwood Flooring.