Was it always this noisy? 

One of the first and most obvious things you’ll notice about a home without Wellington carpets is the sudden influx of acoustic pollution. To speak loudly or have the volume up on your TV in a room without carpets will usually result in an echoey mess of sound. Carpets soak up noise and muffle it so that it doesn’t ‘bounce around’ as much, resulting in a more even and comfortable space, especially in the living room. 

If you’re conscious about enjoying sound without messy acoustics bouncing off the walls and floors, invest in A lovely wooly Wellington carpet installation.

Did it always take this long to heat? 

Pop a fan heater on in a carpeted lounge and you’ll usually heat the space up within the hour. Pop a fan heater on in the same space, only without carpets, and you’ll need to leave it on as long as you’re using that room. Carpeted rooms are easier to heat, and the heat will keep in the carpets longer than any other flooring option. Heat rises, so flat wooden or lino floors simply bounce the heat up toward the roof. 

When the winter nights are long and cold and you can’t afford to wait for heating, carpets ought to be your Lower Hutt flooring choice. 

Why do my carpeted rooms get more use? 

Do you notice your family don’t spend as much time in the living room? Perhaps your children choose to hide in their bedrooms when playing with toys or chatting with friends? If these rooms are carpeted and your living room is not, it’s easy to see why Wellington carpets win the day in terms of comfort and attractiveness. 

Comfortable carpets are more enticing to hunker down on. A soft section of Wellington carpet is a lot more appealing than wooden or lino floors. With its underlying padding and insulation, it’s easier to sprawl out on a carpet with toys or books. Try carpeting at least a portion of your living room and watch as pets and family members return to the space like animals to a watering hole!