It’s no secret that Wellington Vinyl flooring is a fabulous option for home renovations. Modern vinyl flooring comes in a range of fashionable and functional designs that offer dozens of benefits – the likes of which you might never have seen or known to exist! 

Step aside, Wellington carpets, because for today’s blog we’ll be focussing on the fantastic benefits of having a vinyl flooring installation in your home. 

The #1 reason why you should try Wellington vinyl flooring

Just like traditional wooden floors, vinyl floors are ultra-durable and totally waterproof. Requiring little more than a lazy dusting and light mopping, your Wellington vinyl flooring installation will serve you for years without the worry of a single stain. 

It only gets better 

In addition to its durability and waterproof properties, vinyl is very affordable. It’ll amaze you how much money can be saved by simply opting for this wonderfully cost-effective Wellington flooring option. Vinyl is cheap to buy, easy to install and even easier to update or replace in the unlikely event that a portion of your vinyl becomes dramatically damaged. 

Many businesses and households promote vinyl flooring installations for this very reason, and you’ll find vinyl featured in trendy salons, restaurants, wedding venus and Wellington homes. 

The latest in vinyl technology 

Unlike the unpleasant-looking vinyl of yore that featured in vet clinics and school gymnasiums, modern vinyl more closely resembles brand new wooden floors. ‘Plank Vinyl’, as it is more commonly known, is printed upon, shined-up and cut in a way that would have you swear you’re looking at planks of wood when it’s all laid out in front of you. It’s really quite an impressive design. 

Plank Wellington vinyl flooring has given more homeowners the opportunity to have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen, bathroom and living room floors while they save thousands of dollars on fancy polished wood or tiles. 

It’s a forgiving flooring option 

A Wellington vinyl flooring installation can be performed on almost any old surface, so you won’t have to worry about spending thousands on preparing and padding the floors for fancy carpets or carefully placed tiles. It’s a simple glue-down installation method wherein the thick vinyl material will hide a myriad of unsightly mistakes – the perfect option for an affordable renovation project!