The pros

Extra grip

We’ve all slipped around a little on a polished wooden floor. Going up and down a slippery wooden staircase requires focus and a bit of caution – especially if you’re wearing socks! Wellington carpets can provide a bit of much-needed friction between your feet. Your Wellington flooring experts would suggest adding at least a strip of carpet to such slippery stairs in order to ensure a little more safety when travelling between the levels of your home.


Extra warmth

Nobody enjoys tip-toeing up and down an icy staircase. Applying even the most affordable Wellington carpets to your stairs will make them more pleasant to travel across during the cooler months. The carpets will also provide some much-needed insulation between the levels of your home.


Extra padding

Should you, your children or your pets take a tumble down the stairs, having a set of well-padded Wellington carpeted stairs are certainly softer to land on than polished wood or tiles. Have your Wellington flooring expert install plenty of padding so that falls can be cushioned most effectively – even a cheap Wellington carpet will do the trick here!


Extra seats (yes, really!)

You’ll be surprised by how often you find yourself hunkering down upon your stairs once they’ve been covered by Wellington carpets! Whether you’re perched on the bottom stairs to pop on a pair of shoes, or you’re pausing for a quick conversation with someone at the top of your stairwell, you’ll have a comfortable array of ‘seats’ upon which to relax and enjoy – all the better if you splurge on some extra-comfy woollen carpets!


The Cons

Really, the only thing you’ll have to worry about if you have a Wellington carpet installation across your stairs is simply the effort involved in vacuuming them. Sounds a little petty right? Consider it a good workout – especially if you happen to have a large plug-in vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, a wee handheld vacuum cleaner will do the trick. The carpet on your stairs is by no means vast, each step is generally barely wide enough for you to land more than half of your foot, so make the most of the easy space and simply use a handheld vacuum.