Summer is on the horizon, and the property market is already starting to heat up with homes being listed for sale. If you’re planning to carry a little renovation work out on your property to give it the edge on the market, we’ve got a suggestion or two to run by you. Take it from our Wellington flooring company: you’ll want to tune in on these tips!


Start with a budget

Too many keen home owners tend to sink most of their budget into tiny touch-ups. While a few cosmetic improvements here and there can achieve mild aesthetic appeal, there’s nothing quite like the experience of walking into a home with fresh flooring.

If you’re going to invest in one major element of a reno, let it be your Wellington carpet installation. We guarantee this will make the biggest impact on your home’s overall comfort, quality and appearance. Not to mention the added value a professional Wellington carpet installation will add to your property if you plan to sell this summer – a fresh flooring installation is always a winner with potential buyers!

Keep in mind, too, that we offer numerous carpet specials at Robert Inwood Flooring, so you’ll be able to update your home’s flooring without breaking the bank!

Walls and floors

If you really want your renovation work to pay off, and you want to see a profit on the sale of your property, it pays to start with your walls and floors.Sure, a shiny new kitchen or bathroom might look nice in photos, but if fancy new appliances are installed on old, unkempt floors, property viewers are going to see a stark and unsightly contrast. If you can only afford to commit to one renovation task (walls and floors or new appliances), we suggest starting with the canvas: let the new property owners decide what appliances they want, and let fresh Wellington carpets and newly painted walls be the canvas upon which they find their inspiration.

The unbeatable experience of a house with fresh Wellington floors

Being a Wellington carpet company, we’ve had the joy of witnessing many homes transformed by the visually-striking effect of a fresh flooring installation. Homes with new Wellington carpets look and feel instantly different. Your feet will feel as though they’re walking on cushiony clouds, the insulation and sound-dampening in your home will have a warm, cosy effect, and the even colour and texture of your new Wellington flooring will have you feeling as though you’ve stepped into a brand new home!


Ready to renovate your home with a Wellington carpet installation? We look forward to talking about flooring options with you as we present our range of carpets to suit your style and budget. Call us today to make an appointment for fresh new carpets ready to give your property the edge on the housing market!