Wood floors are classy, timeless and smart. They’re the sort of floor that would make your employees proud to walk down your hallways, and the sort of floors that make a glowing first impression on any visitors to your building. Do you ever let yourself imagine a whole office building decorated with classy wood floors? Probably not, because everyone knows that Wellington wooden floors are extremely expensive, right? Maybe not as expensive as you might think…

Get the wood-look for less 

Listen, traditional wood floors are pretty darn expensive. For that sort of money, we would recommend getting a beautiful office-worth of affordable Wellington carpets from the Robert Inwood Flooring experts – at least then you’d save money on power in the winter with better insulation! 

Yes, wood floors might be on the expensive side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the appearance of wood all throughout your building. Getting the wood look for miles less is totally possible with a piece of Wellington flooring installation magic we like to call vinyl


Vinyl floors are amazing! Here are our top ten reasons for giving them a try:

  • Easier to install than wood
  • More affordable than wood 
  • Easier to clean than wood 
  • Easier to replace and maintain than wood 
  • Require no polishing, sanding or staining 
  • Come in an outstandingly vast array of colours, “grains” and finishes 
  • Can be cut in an extremely precise manner to get into all those tough nooks and crannies so often found in Wellington buildings 
  • Have elastic-like properties that make them hard to damage
  • If you drop a glass on a vinyl floor, you have a higher chance of it not smashing 


You won’t notice the difference, but your budget manager will! 

Authentic wood will set you back by a substantial sum. If you want the wood look for your building, you might be able to get away with wood in the lobby (or the “first impression zone”). If, however, you want every level of your office to be decked out in design magazine worthy digs, you cannot go wrong financially with vinyl. You’ll get the wood look for much less, and you’ll leave room in the budget for other exciting design elements. 


If you’re ready to get a woodlike vinyl floors installed in Wellington, talk to the Robert Inwood Team today!