Vinyl flooring is a fantastic, affordable and ultra versatile Wellington flooring option for the modern family home. If you’re looking to make some stylish renovations without breaking the bank, we suggest vinyl. Here’s why…



Wellington laminate flooring sits on a dense, acoustic underlay. Walking on Wellington vinyl flooring is said to feel solid, yet forgiving; it’s smooth and ever so slightly spongelike underfoot. Ideal for heavy wear environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, entrances and hallways, Wellington laminate floors will deliver excellent levels of comfort without showing obvious signs of wear and tear like carpet or dirty grout between tiles. 



Wellington vinyl flooring installations are famed for their excellent durability. This flooring option is also considered the most hygienic of all flooring options. In most brands of laminate Wellington floors, there’s a special anti-static layer that deters dust from sticking around on the surface of your laminate floors. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so darn easy to sweep and mop a laminate floor…now you know! 

In contrast to a classic hardwood floor, Wellington vinyl flooring will allow your home to have the wood look without some of the aging characteristics natural hardwood poses – such as scratching, colour change, and maintenance.


A good insulator 

The insulation properties of a Wellington vinyl flooring installation can be found beneath the actual vinyl. The underlay that a Wellington flooring expert installs before the vinyl is a soft, spongey and super-comfortable layer of insulation! Because your vinyl floors aren’t just slapped down and glued directly to the concrete base of your home, you’ll find that that added layer of comfortable separation will regulate the temperature nicely in your home. 


Low cost

Vinyl floors are generally considered the most affordable Wellington flooring option, but some of the more high-end and stylish designs could set you back further than a cheap Wellington carpet might. However, if you’re anxious to get that stylish Scandinavian look in your home without breaking the bank for hardwood, vinyl floors provide a realistic wood look for less, and they won’t cost as much as wood to maintain (no polishing or sanding required).