Whether you’re renovating your shop, office, special events venue or public library, you simply cannot go wrong with carpet tiles. Carpet tiles receive a bad rep; you might be picturing the sort of scratchy, unpleasant tiles commonly found in very old office buildings or information centres. With today’s Wellington commercial flooring article, we’re going to challenge the traditional view of the flooring tile. Get ready to pivot your opinion and get excited about a Wellington flooring tile installation in your own building! 


Flooring tiles are getting fancy 

Tiled carpet flooring has taken a dramatic turn in the past decade. Gone are the scratchy nylon squares of yesteryear. Today you’ll find Wellington carpet tiles anywhere from a luxurious hotel lobby to a swish corporate shared office space. 


Shaping up 

You’ll find Wellington commercial carpet installations are changing shape, and we’re loving the new and creative directions folks are taking with their carpet tiles! From funky multicoloured hexagons to intricate slender rectangle patterns, carpet tiles in Wellington are a wonderful way to break up and add interest to an otherwise dull expanse of flooring. 



Here’s a rather clever use for your Wellington carpet tiles: how about a colour theme that suits your brand’s colour scheme? Multi-level office buildings can tie their floors together seamlessly with a simple pop of colour, presented conveniently and stylishly in their carpet tiles. 

The best part about carpet tiles and colour schemes is that you can experiment with multiple colours, and you don’t have to commit to just one bright shade. If yellow is the colour of your company’s logo, for example, you needn’t blind your employees with a building’s worth of yellow Wellington carpets. You could, instead, choose to have a Wellington carpet tile installation pattern with pops of on-brand yellow here and there amid more visually pleasing shades like grey and black. 


Whatever way you choose to install carpet tiles in Wellington, we hope you’ll leave this fun, affordable and totally stylish task to the talented team at Robert Inwood Flooring! You can count on us for all your corporate carpet needs.