Spring and summer are our country’s most popular seasons for renovation. One of the most effective ways to update and transform a home is to exchange your tired old Wellington carpets for some bright fresh floors. If you’re looking for the perfect affordable and family-friendly flooring option with which to update your worn-out Wellington flooring, look no further than vinyl. 

Vinyl, you mean like the records? 

Yes, and no! Wellington vinyl flooring is an ultra-affordable flooring option – a cheaper alternative to wood and carpet, while still remaining totally functional and even fashionable! Vinyl floors are the synthetic cousin of linoleum. They are stain-resistant and totally waterproof, providing excellent durability for a fraction of the cost of wood. 

Can vinyl really replace wood and carpets? 

Traditionally, Wellington vinyl flooring installations have been reserved for kitchens and bathrooms due to the material’s natural waterproof properties. Designers soon learned that to restrict vinyl Wellington floors to these specific areas was a waste – especially in a young family home or a home with high amounts of foot traffic where waterproofing and durability are needed everywhere! Up until recently, the main deterrent was that vinyl floors just aren’t as fashionable as wood or carpet. In our next paragraph, we’ll discuss the clever solution that Wellington vinyl flooring providers implemented to ensure vinyl became a more fashionable option for living rooms and even bedrooms.

How to achieve a stylish Wellington vinyl flooring installation 

What would you say if we told you you could have the look of wooden floors at a fraction of the price? These days, vinyl floors are printed, pressed and embossed to appear like realistic planks of wood in any shade you desire. This affordable Wellington flooring material is then cut into plank-sized sections that look exactly like beams of wood. Your Wellington flooring installation professionals will expertly lay this faux-wood ‘planks’ anywhere you please! Add a fluffy rug in the lounge and perhaps one or two sheepskins in the bedroom and hey presto – you have a fabulous and stylish family home that’s as affordable as it is attractive!