The perfect carpet for a messy family 

What’s a family home without a little mess? Mess keeps a home human, and we’re here to tell you that there’s a carpet designed specifically for such circumstances as this. For messy families moving in and out of doors across their carpeted floors, we offer this advice for a Wellington flooring installation decision: opt for thick, dark carpets! 

Dark carpets are so forgiving. Many spills, slips and stains can be hidden within the threads of a dark espresso or charcoal-coloured Wellington carpet. Darker carpets are perfect for families who anticipate seeing a lot of spills and stains speckled all over the show. Not to mention the high levels of foot traffic your Wellington floors will see over the years of use in the hallway, entranceway and livingroom. 

To combat signs of wear and tear, simply opt for a carpet that doesn’t reveal them: while white, light and bright carpets practically scream about their stains, a dark carpet will ‘roll with the punches’. 


Price, quality and material

Our selection of affordable Wellington carpets will practically guarantee you get a good deal when you decide to update your flooring. 

Of our affordable flooring selection, there is a healthy range of colours, styles and materials to choose from. When considering flooring your home, try to do so with the future in mind. So, instead of going for the cheapest and most affordable carpets, invest as much as your budget will allow in ensure you select a carpet of good quality and neutral tone. This will ensure your carpet lasts longer, wears out slower, and looks fashionably appealing now, next year, and for many years to come. 

The material you choose for your carpet also plays an important role here. Your Wellington flooring options for carpet include either synthetic or wool fibre. 

While either choice presents its own unique advantage, you should ultimately prioritise longevity of carpet over any other quirks. For a longer-lasting carpet, we would thereby recommend wool, as this fibre is more resistant to fading (being bleached by the sun) than synthetic carpets.