Affordable, adaptable and always stylish, carpet tiles are a terrific option if you’re looking to update your Wellington commercial flooring. If you’ve got a big building to carpet, tiles are a tried and true option used by loads of businesses. A large expanse of floor can be expensive to carpet with just one roll or type of carpet, but fortunately, this solution will save you on such expenses by simply cutting that carpet down into small tiled sections.

In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at why this method of Wellington commercial flooring might be more beneficial to you than any other type of flooring out there! Let’s review Wellington carpet tiles for your business… 

Customise your carpet to suit your company’s colour theme 

The wonderful thing about carpet tiles is that you can enjoy two types of carpet for less than the price of one! That’s two complementary styles and colours of carpet that will floor your whole building for less than the price of one specific style. Obviously, this is a case-by-case sort of deal, but because tiled carpets are generally cheaper than most other full-sized commercial flooring materials out there, we’re sure you’ll save on this sweet and stylish Wellington flooring installation. 

So what do we mean by carpeting to your company’s colour theme? Simply that, should your company have a particular brand colour that might be featured in your logo, uniforms or merch etc, you might like to incorporate this colour into your Wellington carpet tile design. If your company colour is yellow, for example, you might like to marry that yellow with a nice easy-on-the-eyes charcoal tile and let our Wellington carpet installation experts create a beautiful brand-consistent pattern for you. 

Alternatively, we could find you a patterned carpet tile that, when placed sporadically between planer-looking tiles, adds a much-needed pop of colour and interest to an otherwise dull design. 

The options are endless and exciting with Wellington carpet tiles! 

Get in touch today to organize new, tiled office carpet for your workspace today!