Hayfever season has got us thinking about how we might be able to help our readers enjoy a happy healthy home without any allergy-instigating interior design elements. Carpets can sometimes be blamed for disturbing sensitive respiratory systems, so in today’s article, we’ll show you how an expert Wellington carpet installation company can create a healthy interior environment without sacrificing your favourite flooring option: soft, plushy carpets. 


First off, do your research before renting at or buying a property 

If you or someone in your family has any sort of allergic reaction to pets, chances are that a home previously occupied by pet owners will have caused the home to feature some seriously sneeze-inducing carpets. You might not notice any issues when paying the home a visit for a viewing, but you haven’t experienced the property during summer when the fibres of the carpet are warmed and the odours and allergy-agitating particles permeate the air. 

For our first healthy Wellington carpet tip, we simply suggest that you ask the previous homeowners/occupants to give an honest answer about the history of pets in the property, and see if you can get a witness to verify their answer. 


Hypoallergenic carpets 

Did you know that they actually make hypoallergenic carpets? If you’re looking to purchase carpet in Wellington, this sort of flooring will definitely suit anyone suffering with allergies. Designed to resist moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria, microbes and fungi, a hypoallergenic carpet fabric will be the perfect option for your Wellington flooring installation. 


Nylon carpets

We’ve all seen how effective any sort of nylon is for resisting moisture and dirt while retaining its shape, strength and lustre. Nylon is also used in carpet fabric, creating durable designs at an affordable price. Due to the fact that nylon carpets are capable of resisting dirt, and the fact that they don’t hold on to moisture and mildew quite as much as wool carpets do, we also believe that nylon Wellington carpets could be a good option for you.