While we might not be thinking thermal at the moment with summer in full swing, it’s never too early to employ the expertise of a Wellington flooring professional. Folks usually put off a Wellington carpet installation all the way up until the first few days of winter. Beat the rush before things get cooler and consider cork for your affordable new insulation option this year.

Why cork and not carpet, you might ask? Well, in addition to our last blog, we’ve got a few more excellent properties of cork to uncover for you in today’s article. Let’s dive in!


The comfort of cork

It’s easy to judge cork as a hard and even cool-to-the-touch material based simply upon its shiny, almost wood-like appearance. Ironically, this could not be further from the truth. Cork is extremely comfortable and cushion-like in texture. A footstep upon a cork surface is absorbed easily, as though you were walking on a memory-foam mat! Sounds dreamy, right?

Cork’s bouncy texture doesn’t make it weak by any means. Fortunately for cork floor owners, the material tends to bounce back from impressions with ease (such as heavy couch feet or bookcase marks).

Insulation across the nation

When you ask your Wellington flooring professional for an affordable and warm flooring option, don’t be surprised if they suggest cork flooring. It’s true enough that the Robert Inwood Flooring team can offer you cheap Wellington carpets and great installation deals, but cork flooring can prove to be an even more affordable option without sacrificing any warmth. Cork works as an excellent insulator and can keep precious heat locked in during the winter (when it counts).

Get creative!

Unlike a traditional Wellington carpet installation, cork can be cut and styled to suit your home in pretty much any way you’d like! Cork can come in tiles or planks, as well as a myriad of different colours, textures, finishes and thicknesses. We recommend experimenting with a few different styles of cork to give your home a unique and special aesthetic – one that’ll leave your friends and family wondering why they didn’t think of cork when preparing their own properties!