Healthy hypoallergenic carpets in Wellington

It’s a well-known fact that some carpets tend to trap dust and other such microscopic undesirables over the years. Regular washing and vacuum cleaning will help, but for our hyper-allergic friends and family members, it’s good to know that the flooring industry has got you covered should you require a hypoallergenic Wellington carpet.  A hypoallergenic [...]

Get ready for winter 2020 with a Wellington carpet renovation

Much like the proverbial frog in the frying pan, Wellington winders have a tendency to creep up on us. Before you know it, there’s frost on the car in the morning, mist on the windows, and an everyday battle of will to force your feet out from the covers in the morning to meet the [...]

Laminate flooring for your 2020 Wellington house renovation

Has a fresh wooden flooring installation been on your mind, but just out of reach of your budget? We’ve got the perfect attractive and affordable alternative for you! If you love the look of wood floors but can’t afford the hefty sum of their installation, we’re here to share a bit about a far more [...]

We shouldn’t leave cork flooring in the ‘50s…here’s why! 

Cork flooring usually conjures images of dated school auditoriums or community halls. It might cause us to picture unfashionable tan hues and overly shiny, almost squishy textures. Most wouldn’t even consider cork an option when planning their Wellington flooring renovation project. Here’s the thing, cork has actually come a very long way since the ‘50s. [...]

You’ll want to make this vital renovation after the lockdown 

Have the past few weeks spent indoors inspired you to create a renovation wishlist? We’re pretty sure that all of us will be leaving this lockdown with full Pinterest boards covered in reno ideas. In today’s article, we’re going to touch on our favourite feature that we believe any family home will be wanting to [...]

Add value to your home with these simple carpet additions 

If you’re planning to perform any renovations during the lockdown, you would be wise to start with fresh Wellington flooring. In addition to updating your carpet in general, there are a couple of less popular places where we’d recommend adding Wellington carpets in order to see the most value found in your home if you’re [...]

Wellington second-hand carpets and off-cuts

In the 45+ years that we have spend installing carpets in Wellingon and helping our region’s residents with their flooring, we’ve accumulated quite a few off-cuts. Off-cuts come in all manner of shapes, sizes, textures and colours, but whatever the off-cut might be, rest assured that it is a top-quality and brand-new product…it just doesn’t [...]

Here’s why they call us the Wellington flooring professionals 

Here at Robert Inwood Flooring, we’ve enjoyed many wonderful years in this transformative industry. We’ve seen countless interiors transformed by the undeniable magic of a fresh carpet or lovely new installation of Wellington lino floors. Be it a brand new build or a replacement Wellington carpet installation, our talented team have enjoyed creating a cosy [...]

Three carpet colours that age a home (and their alternatives) 

Are you looking to update your Wellington carpets in the New Year? Good idea! Before you head to Robert Inwood Flooring to browse our brilliant selection of cheap Wellington carpets, we recommend revisiting your understanding of interior colour trends. You might just find that times have changed since you last browsed for carpets in Wellington.  [...]

Childproof flooring: flooring options for classrooms and kindergartens 

Of all our commercial Wellington carpet and flooring options, there are a few stand out selections that we would recommend for rooms in which you are expecting to see high levels of foot traffic. In particular, tiny foot traffic. Our professional Wellington flooring services cover a wide range of installation types, but when it comes [...]