With its call for condensation build-up and extra-steamy showers, Winter brings about a lot more lingering moisture than our homes are otherwise used to. In our effort to keep warm, we are grooming our homes to become the perfect recipe of warmth and moisture for our carpet’s greatest nemesis: mold.

We know you value quality carpets in Wellington. Therefore, knowing how to spot mold in your Wellington carpets is going to be the best bet for a happy, healthy home. Here are our top tips for staying alert during the dreaded mold season:


Are your Wellington carpets not looking as lively as they used to appear, no matter how many times you have them professionally cleaned? It might be time to have your Wellington floors professionally replaced instead, because an appearance of discolouration that won’t go away is definitely a sign of dirt build-up and mold.

Wet or water-damaged Wellington carpets

Any carpets in Wellington that have undergone water damage from flooding will most likely need to be disposed of as soon as possible. You can replace your carpets with any one of our affordable Wellington carpet options at Robert Inwood Flooring.

Do water-damaged carpets still need to be replaced even if you can’t see any signs of mold? The answer is yes, because even if you don’t see any mold growth, it’s highly likely as you aren’t able to ‘chuck your carpets in the dryer’ as you might a wet rug or towel. Instead, your carpets will just sit in a state of being soaked and (if the heatpump is going) warmed: the perfect mold-encouraging combo!

Foul smells and stains

In the case of ‘smelling out’ mold, you might need to call a Wellington flooring professional to define the scent. Mold has a distinctly damp and musty odor, and smells similar to a load of wet washing that has been left to sit for a few too many days.

I spotted signs of mold, can I just clean it up? 

Unfortunately, in the case of mold growth on carpet, cleaning is usually not even a possibility. Mold tends to work its way much deeper than the superficial surface level of carpet that we see, and if the microscopic growth becomes quite viable to the human eye then it might be too late for your floors. If mold growth has occurred on any area of your carpet, it should most likely be replaced by a professional Wellington carpet installation team. Replacing moldy carpets is detrimental to the future health and safety of your family, so don’t take any chances when you spot a suspicious spot or stain on your floors!

For affordable, fast and effective carpet replacement services in Wellington, look no further than the experts at Robert Inwood Flooring!