Considering a wooden Wellington flooring installation in 2019? If you’re flooring your home on a budget, we have a far more accessible and affordable alternative for you to try. Do you love the look of wood don’t feel ready to fork out thousands of dollars to purchase, install and maintain it? Our flooring experts would suggest Wellington laminated flooring as the perfect solution for you.


Affordable Wellington flooring

Wood floors aren’t cheap by any means. Even a recycled wooden floor can become a costly option, as extra hours are required to transport and prepare this wood so that it can be healthy and fit for use in your home. Laminated floors, on the other hand, are prepared in a factory, where they are made to order at an affordable price.


Any way you like

While exotic woods will cost you dearly for their attractive textures and colours, laminated floors can feature prints of any style of wood you fancy. You can place your order for a kitchen, hallway and bathroom of laminated floors in a style of wood that matches the rest of your interior. 



Laminated flooring is able to handle scratches and moisture much more effectively than its natural counterpart, hardwood flooring. The Wellington flooring installation experts at Robert Inwood recommend laminated flooring for areas of your home that are destined to recieve the most foot traffic.

Such areas include:

  • Your entranceway
  • The kitchen and dining areas
  • The washing room
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms


Laminate flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. It is generally stain resistant and won’t lose its colour in too much sunlight. While laminated flooring cannot be repaired so easily if it becomes scratched or dented, it is easy and cheap to replace – as long as you have a Wellington flooring expert on the job!