Want to make the most of your home? Feel like you could thrive with just a little extra square-footage? While we can’t promise that carpets will magically enlarge your home, we can offer the gift of extra, usable living space with just a few more metres of Wellington carpets.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss the floor plan of your home: where it should be carpeted for maximum comfort and use. We’ll also include a few areas in which you might like to add a little extra carpet in exchange for a little extra living space: maybe even an extra room! Let’s dive right in, shall we?


Rug-up the garage for a rumpus room 

If your garage is big enough to accommodate space around your parked car (or, rather, if you don’t use your garage to park cars) then this is prime territory for an extra room. You can transform a section of your garage into a cosy, usable space that’s comfortable and cool with a simple Wellington carpet installation. Installing a section of Wellington carpets into your garage can instantly warm up the otherwise uncomfortable or cold space.

Turn a corner that you’d set aside for bikes and tools into a rumpus room, complete with a pool table and a plush couch. Alternatively, pop a guest bed upon a carpeted section of the garage for a convenient guest room. To make this sleeping space extra cosy, we recommend painting the walls in light, warm shades, and opting for a professional Wellington carpet installation with extra-padding. You might like to use Japanese-inspired foldable room dividers or large bookcases to section off the ‘guest room’ and make it feel more private in relation to the rest of the otherwise car-occupied space.


Do you even use your dining room? 

Many young professionals and shared flats feature tiled or linoleum-floored dining rooms that hardly see any use. In a flat of folk who tend to share meals and differing and unconventional hours, there’s a very low likelihood that the dining room space will see more than one person seated at any given time.

A more efficient alternative to this wasted space could be professional Wellington carpet installation to extend the living room into the dining space. Extra communal space for relaxing or even studying could make your home a real winner on the rental property market! When in doubt, carpet it out is what we always say. More Wellington carpets means more potential for home offices and cosy living rooms, and that’s what you’ll find most young professionals are after, rather than a cold-floored extension of the kitchen.