We might be through the middle of winter, but the cold still lingers on! As our peak season slows, we would recommend hiring a Wellington carpet installer now to keep your house warm and carpeted for the next few chilly months remaining – and before things get too busy for you to book in the new year!

Here are our top benefits for a warmer Wellington home with carpets:


Hold the heat that your fireplace, heater or heatpump are pumping out by ensuring as many rooms in your home are carpeted as possible. Carpeted floors will help your heater of choice to warm your home more efficiently, as no heat will be lost on cold floor boards. Heat will also stick around for longer, as the fibres of carpet tend to trap pockets of it to warm your cold feet!


It can be so easy to get carried away with a colour scheme. Sometimes we realise a little too late that we’ve made the mistake of prioritising style over comfort: we end up with a cold, sterile-feeling home. You don’t have to completely redecorate to fix this interior design ‘fail’. Simply call on the talented team of Wellington carpet sellers and installers at Robert Inwood Flooring to bring the warmth back to your home with a cosy-coloured carpet. Any space can be instantly warmed with shades of coffee, peach, or cream.  


If you don’t currently have carpets, you’ll know the struggles that winter brings – especially in the mornings. We almost have to give ourselves a mental pep talk just to get out of bed in the morning; we don’t want our toes touching the cold floors! You can easily take the edge off those chilly mornings with a comfy, cosy carpet to wake up to. Bury your feet in the soft fibres of your carpet and walk along that cushiony goodness all throughout your home!