Hunting for an affordable flooring option that can take a punch? Vinyl is the toughest cookie of the flooring world. Wellington vinyl installation is extremely cheap and easy to replace, making it the perfect option for places that see a lot of furniture movement and foot traffic.

Take the advice of a seasoned Wellington flooring company and give vinyl a go in the following locations…


Be it the kitchen out back or the busy front of house floor, vinyl is a perfect Wellington flooring option for your restaurant or cafe. If you’re not fussed on fanciness, vinyl is the most functional and affordable option for your eatery – vinyl floors are easier than any other Wellington flooring option to clean, and you don’t have to lose your nerve every time someone drops a full plate or shuffles their furniture across the surface.

Out back in the kitchen area – where spills and slips are constantly occurring – your vinyl floors will take the trauma like a champ. In the case of any serious damage, the Wellington flooring experts at Robert Inwood can offer an affordable flooring replacement which becomes easier still if you’ve opted for vinyl tiles. Tiles can be replaced within minutes one-at-a-time, making them the ideal choice for a busy hospitality environment.

Holiday rental kitchens and bathrooms

Be it an affordable family holiday park or a Bookabach property, vinyl flooring is an excellent option for you. If your properties see a high turnover of people coming in and out every other day, you’ll want Wellington vinyl installation for its affordability and durability. While you might not be able to prevent a visitor from trashing your floors, you can prepare for such a case by keeping your flooring costs as low as possible.

Choose vinyl for such a circumstance, and remember that you don’t have to sacrifice style if you do! There are many beautiful vinyl floor designs, some even appear as beautiful wooden flooring planks. These look really attractive and are extremely easy to clean.

Does vinyl sound like the perfect fit for your Wellington commercial flooring needs? Talk to the team at Robert Inwood Flooring to book your vinyl flooring installation today!