So you’ve just ordered a professional Wellington carpet installation for fresh new floors of dazzling cream or white. Your house feels like it has undergone a Wellington flooring facelift of sorts, and the whole space feels brighter and lighter. Everything seems so sleek and chic… until someone walks over our fresh new carpets with a glass of red wine!

Today’s blog will prepare new carpet owners for the worst: how to avoid spills and stains to maintain the bright lustre of our lovely new Wellington carpets.


How to avoid drink and food spills on your carpet

It can be too much stress and drama for any household to maintain a ‘no drink/food’ zone in their homes. The solution is not to ban everyone from using any area of your carpet entirely. Instead, the team of flooring professionals at Robert Inwood Flooring encourage homeowners to arrange as many usable surfaces as possible around popular living areas. If you’ve got people sitting in a room holding drinks or plates of food with nowhere convenient to set their plates and glasses down, you can bet that things are going to end up perched on the floor. Then, as you know, it’s only a matter of time before an accidental spill happens.

In conclusion: to maintain your clean, crisp Wellington carpets, be sure to invest in plenty of sturdy surfaces so that your family members and friends have no excuses for spills!


How to avoid stains in the bedrooms

Here’s where things can get a little more strict: many families, flats and even hosting homes have a policy on no food or drinks in the bedrooms. This is a fair enough rule to have set in place in your home, as it protects your Wellington carpets from succumbing to stains. Add on to this rule a few others that we would recommend for crystal-clear carpets…

  • Don’t let dogs into the bedrooms (unless they are completely clean or short-haired)
  • Insist that all makeup should be done in bathrooms or over a rug (makeup is nearly impossible to wash out of carpets, and will most like involve a complete Wellington carpet replacement)
  • Shoes should come off and live near the door: shoes bring unwanted bacteria and dirt from the streets into our bedrooms


While the living room might be a more carefree space for rumpus and food or drink, bedrooms should be kept clean and sanitary for healthy sleep. Don’t feel bad when enforcing more strict rules to protect the integrity of your Wellington carpets in your home’s bedrooms.