In the same way that you might shrug on a coat or bundle up in a scarf, your Wellington home needs to be kept well-insulated and warm in preparation for winter too. While it might only be Autumn now, this substantially less freezing season should be treated as an opportunity for preparedness before temperatures well and truly plummet.

The carpet installation professionals at Robert Inwood Flooring certainly know a thing or two about keeping a home cosy! So take a look at our top tips for bundling up your Wellington home in today’s blog…

Waterproofing and Insulation 

No matter how high-end your heatpump or glamorous your gas-heating systems, a Wellington home will only be able to retain its heat if you have invested in quality insulation. Insulation comes in many forms: double glazing, pink batts, carpets, curtains and sealed doors and windows. To keep that heat, be sure to have at least a few of these forms of insulation checked and installed in and around your home. Get a professional to inspect your house for exterior damage (to the roof, windows or walls) and make sure none of that infamous ‘sideways rain’ can find its way into your house’s warm, dry interior.

Cosy carpets and curtains

Carpets and curtains are excellent additions to any home, as they effortlessly retain heat while providing homeowners with a cosy, cushioned surface to walk over during those icy winter mornings. A well-insulated home, complete with Wellington carpet floors and full-length curtains, will maintain warmth while keeping your power bills nice and low. Almost as low as the temperatures outside!

Rather than allowing your heatpump to wastefully sink through hollow floors, bundle your home up in a ‘scarf’ of cosy Wellington carpets. Enjoy fast, efficient and long-lasting heat that lingers! Get in touch with the team at Robert Inwood flooring to book your professional Wellington carpet installation in time for Winter today!