Tiled flooring for commercial buildings in Wellington

Tiled flooring for commercial buildings in Wellington

Considering carpeting your office floor in time for winter? Carpet is an excellent way to keep the office warm during the colder months; it possesses excellent insulation qualities. While looking around your office, the idea of carpeting the huge floor area can be quite daunting. How high might the costs for carpeting such an area be? How much work would be involved in the installation of said carpets?

Today we answer those questions in our Wellington Commercial Carpet article…

The most cost-effective option for commercial Wellington carpet installation 

Rather than installing large rolls of carpets in your office, the option that we would suggest for affordability and a most convenient installation would be tiled carpet. Installing carpet tiles in Wellington is as easy as it is affordable, as the carpet that you purchase comes in small, convenient tiles.

Easy to fit into obscure corners, and easy to transport up and down your company elevators or stairs, tiled carpets are an excellent solution for kiwi businesses big and small.

The team at Robert Inwood Flooring can install tiled carpets in your Wellington office building in a snap. Our team are careful and considerate; we take detailed photos of the layout of your furnishings so that we may remove and then replace each item exactly as it was upon completion of your Wellington carpet installation.

It’s all part of our professional carpet installation services!


Wondering where you can purchase affordable carpets in Wellington?

Over the past 45 years, we’ve serviced the Greater Wellington residents with affordable flooring and installation services. We’ve worked hard to build a great relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers within the flooring industry. Our team has access to inexpensive carpets and off-cuts for very reasonable prices, making Robert Inwood Flooring the perfect choice if you’re hunting for affordable commercial flooring options!


Regardless of your budget and the layout of your rooms, Robert Inwood’s cork and carpet tiles are excellent options.

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