In the pursuit of the perfect interior design, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the colour options at your fingertips. One trip to the paint department of Bunnings will be enough to make you feel dizzy! Especially if you’re trying to pick one of many shades of white each store has on offer.

While we might not be able to help you pick the perfect material for your bench tops and bath faucets, your professional Wellington carpet installation and providing team at Robert Inwood Flooring can certainly help you pick the perfect shade for your carpets! Today we’ll look at a few dramatically different Wellington carpet colour choices, and then you can decide which you’ll try in your home!

White, cream and lighter-coloured carpets

Instantly lift the entire look and feel of your home when you install white or lighter-coloured carpets in Wellington. White carpets reflect both artificial and natural light, bouncing it brightly across the walls and roof of your home. White carpets are flexible to a certain extent, but can be high-maintenance and require more frequent Wellington carpet replacement than any other shade.

Bottom line: for a lighter, brighter home with a more clean and crisp feel, go for white and lighter-toned carpets.


Dark, charcoal or esspresso-coloured carpets

Want that moody, contrast-heavy interior that’s easy on the eyes (and the bank account)? Go for dark carpets. Darker carpets are incredibly easy to clean and don’t require frequent replacing. Dark carpets are somewhat relaxing, and don’t draw a lot of attention. You can easily and comfortably exist in a space with comfortable shades such as charcoal and roasted coffee without worrying about spilling the odd drop of wine. When choosing a Wellington carpet that cooperates nicely with your furnishings, darker carpets are often an easy option as they tend to work well with everything and anything.

The only major downfall to dark carpets is that they tend to absorb a lot of light, which can be a real issue with homes that already struggle to capture enough healthy natural light. Bottom line: if your home gets enough light and you don’t want a fussy, high-maintenance carpet, go with darker shades!


Bold colours and Patterns

Want to make a statement with your Wellington carpet installation? Keen for those sweet compliments that make you feel like your home is one in a million? Take a chance on an exciting colour! When looking for affordable carpets in Wellington, you can visit the Robert Inwood store to browse our wide range of colours and patterns for that wow-worthy statement carpet.

When going with a bold carpet colour, we definitely recommend toning down other major areas of colour in your home. This will keep your home from appearing ‘too busy’ and will help your statement Wellington carpet colour truly shine.


When you’ve settled on the perfect colour and you’re ready to start flooring your Wellington home, be sure to get in touch with the team at Robert Inwood Flooring for a seamless and stylish Wellington carpet installation!