We’re two months into 2019, can you believe it? Was this the year that you promised you’d get stuck into some much-needed renovations? No matter how much you paint and polish your house, or how many fancy new furnishings you install, nothing refreshes a home quite like a fresh floor of Wellington carpets. The dusty, musty and worn carpets of old can clear the way for fluffy new floors – perhaps with a lighter and brighter colour to really lift the overall appearance of your home.

While new Wellington carpets might sound like a good idea, we usually find that most of our clients put off the installation due to the stress that they believe the process must involve. Before you picture where and how you’ll shift your furnishings to make way for fresh floors, we suggest you read this blog…


Aren’t carpet installations stressful?

Nope! Not when you leave it to our professional Wellington carpet installation experts! The team at Robert Inwood Flooring make carpet installation in Wellington a painless process for any homeowner. We photograph your house before the installation to get an exact idea of where your belongings are located. Next, we shift your furnishings safely away to make room for your fresh new Wellington carpets. Finally, we’ll pop everything back for you exactly as it was – the only difference will be the lovely, cosy new carpets sitting underneath everything!


But carpets can be costly, can’t they?

Nope! If you head to Robert Inwood Flooring in search of an affordable carpet option, you’ll be in for a treat. Our carpet experts can offer you a range of cheap Wellington carpets made from quality materials. We can also negotiate an affordable rate for your professional Wellington carpet installation: our team can inspect your home and design a quote that’ll suit your house and your budget beautifully.


What will I need to do if I want new Wellington carpets?

For a fresh floor of fine new Wellington carpets, here’s everything that you’ll  need to do:

  • Make the call to Robert Inwood Flooring
  • Book the carpet installation
  • Select a carpet for your residential or commercial building in Wellington
  • Sit back and relax!

Sound like a plan? Give our team a call to get your Wellington carpets expertly replaced by the Robert Inwood team in 2019!