Step 1: Colour

Good news! When it comes to choosing a carpet in Wellington, you actually get to start with the most fun part first: choosing the colour. If you’ve already picked your colour theme, you’ll need to start with colour so that you can ensure your Wellington flooring will tie in nicely with your interior. If you haven’t arranged your home’s colour scheme yet, browsing through our affordable Wellington carpets might inspire your palette.

Remember the following key factors when choosing a colour for your Wellington carpets:



Carpet colours can change phenomenally in different lighting environments. Observe your carpet samples in natural and artificial light – feel free to ask the friendly staff at Robert Inwood Flooring for an opportunity to observe any of our samples inside and outside.


The old ‘lighter when installed’ rule

It’s a well-known fact among Wellington flooring installation experts that a carpet can appear 20% lighter when spread out through your home. Light bounces off your ceiling and walls and pours in through your windows, creating an illusion of lighter carpet.


The dark carpet dilemma

Dark carpets can be great for young children (they hide a myriad of stains) but if you own light-furred pets you’ll notice that any fur they shed stands out like a sore thumb. Darker Wellington flooring also shrinks the appearance of any given space, so if you’re looking to widen a room be sure to go lighter with your colour choices.


Step 2 – Price and Quality

Affordable Wellington carpets are a given here at Robert Inwood Flooring. Carpet is already an affordable flooring option; it’s generally quoted in linear metres (1m x 3.66m). Carpet is one of the most affordable flooring options. It’s usually quoted in linear metres (1m long x 3.66m wide – the dimensions of a standard carpet roll). When browsing affordable Wellington carpets at Robert Inwood Flooring, be sure to observe the information on the underside of the carpet for details on its quality grading.


Step3 – Synthetic or wool

Synthetic and genuine wool carpets both have their own unique advantages. Synthetic carpets will maintain their colour longer than wool carpets, and they don’t tend to fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Wool carpets, on the other hand, are more eco-friendly. Wool is non-allergenic, fire resistant and regulates moisture naturally, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter (with less likelihood for mildew).


Follow these steps during your next visit to Robert Inwood Flooring and you’ll be sure to have a satisfying and effective Wellington carpet installation.