Out of any flooring option offered by a carpet company in Wellington, carpet remains the best choice for your newest addition’s nursery. A carpet installation in Wellington for your nursery is going to benefit your new baby in every way. When baby is on the move, crawling to and fro, carpet will be soft on your little one’s delicate limbs. Carpet is also an excellent insulator and air regulator, meaning your baby will benefit from year-round comfort in temperature.

With so many carpet types and textures available, it can be challenging picking the perfect fabric for your nursery. Today’s blog will equip you with some helpful tips to try when selecting the perfect carpet in Wellington for the perfect new nursery.

Soft and plushy

As you’ve probably noticed when shopping for baby clothes, toys and blankets, the materials used in the manufacturing of any of these items are extremely soft and plushy. For safety and security, it is important that the fragile, growing body of your baby is not exposed to harsh, abrasive textures. When selecting a carpet in Wellington, keep in mind the fact that baby will eventually be lying, crawling, playing and one day walking (and falling) on this surface. So, it makes sense that your the floors installed in your Wellington home should be as soft and cushion-like as possible.

When shopping for carpets in Wellington, the team at Robert Inwood Flooring can work with you to find and select the perfect texture of carpet. From soft and supple to woolly and warm, we’ll find the Wellington carpet that works for you!

Durable and spill-proof

A baby is a bundle of joy, but raising one isn’t exactly going to be a mess-free experience. Spilled bottles, changing mishaps, vomit and eventually craft materials are going to end up on your carpet at some point in the process. Stains are completely inevitable, but they don’t have to become a permanent problem!

When shopping for your Wellington carpet, ask the team at Robert Inwood Flooring which carpet they would recommend for such circumstances. There are totally awe-inspiring technologies being implemented into flooring fabrics now, and ‘spill proof’ carpets are now affordable and available for you.

Keep the colour neutral (if you can)

Expecting a baby boy or girl inspires a very particular colour palette when parents are decorating a nursery. It can be tempting to incorporate this feature colour into your carpets too. While a soft blue or blush pink carpet might look lovely for your little one’s early years, we can almost guarantee that he or she will grow out of this colour sooner than you might expect! Your nursery therefor becomes limited in the future of your decorating options: it’s challenging to turn an old nursery into a classy home office or a peaceful guest room when building from the foundations of a bright pink floor!

Opt instead for neutral tones. We recommend looking to different types of coffee for inspiration in your Wellington carpet installation: would you light a light, fluffy cappuccino foam shade, or a warm, deep espresso hue? Any coffee shade is future proof!


We hope our article has helped a few new families! If you have any questions or you would like to check out a few of our cheap carpets in Wellington, visit the Robert Inwood Flooring store!