Last month we offered our readers a few foolproof (and petproof) tips to keep your carpets in ship shape, despite having dogs dwelling indoors. Though we love our animal companions, they can prove to be problematic when maintaining our Wellington carpets. Replacing carpets soiled by pets is one of the most common concerns that Wellington flooring experts are called to handle, so if you’re planning to keep your carpets intact while still enjoying the company of your pets, read on!

Cats, bunnies and birds

Preserving your carpets while providing a home for your pets is a topic each flooring company in Wellington is all too familiar with. Many Wellington carpet installations occur when homeowners have let pets a little too loose in their homes and on their carpets.

Cats and bunnies are in a similar boat when it comes to causing your carpets some damage. Both pets, when kept indoors, will cause our carpets to stain and smell. Be it by relieving themselves under beds, molting thick layers of fur into our carpets, coughing up hairballs, making a mess our of feeding time and dragging bits of food into places where food shouldn’t be dragged, cats, birds and bunnies aren’t a Wellington floor’s best friend.

Here are our tips for protecting your carpets:

  • Keep food and water bowls off your Wellington carpet, situated on tiles, wood or lino areas such as the kitchen or deck.
  • Also, keep litter boxes off carpets unless placed on a mat or towel that can be thrown in the wash.
  • For cats that have trouble finding the litterbox, place several litter boxes in areas of your Wellington floors that the cat frequents. This tip works well for bunnies too, especially if they have specific areas where they have relieved themselves onto your carpets in Wellington.
  • There are special sprays and powders that you can purchase which smell off putting to cats and bunnies, and will ward them off specific areas of your carpet. If there are areas of carpet in which you don’t want your pets to relieve themselves, we suggest using these pet-deterring sprays.
  • Bird cages need to stay off your carpets! Your Wellington flooring expert knows the full extent of bird-affected carpets and it really isn’t pretty. The carpets surrounding bird cages, hanging or otherwise, are subject to droppings, food mess, drink spills and smelly feather matter. If you aren’t able to keep your bird’s cage away from your carpets, definitely opt to lay a washable mat or towel under the surrounding area.

If your carpets are beyond repair, Robert Inwood Flooring have plenty of cheap Wellington carpet options to choose from. Visit our store and talk to our friendly staff; if only portions of your carpet need replacing, we have carpet tiles in a broad range of colours and fabrics! Get in touch today.