Cats, dogs, bunnies and birds. Our furry or feathered friends are packed with personality, but tend to pose a problem when it comes to our carpets. If you’ve owned an animal indoors, then you’ll be no stranger to stains and overall carpet destruction.

In today’s blog, we’ll tackle the trouble with pets and carpets, and how to fix or altogether avoid stains and destruction for floor longevity:


Dogs are a delight, but they are undoubtedly the worst enemy of your carpets. If left unrestricted, dogs will wreak destruction upon your carpets in the following common ways:

  • hair shedding
  • vomitting
  • relieve themselves
  • scratching/rubbing themselves
  • chewing messy foods
  • scratching (trying to ‘dig a hole’ in your carpet)

Dogs will leave the strongest scent in your carpets as well. On a warm day, the scent of dog in your carpets will be amplified to intoxicating volumes. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, welcome guests, or enjoy a clean, healthy environment…we don’t recommend letting dogs anywhere near your carpet!

Our tips:

  • Set up some boundaries! Restrict your dog to tiled, vinyl or wooded areas if it must live indoors.
  • If your dog does spend time with you on your carpet, make sure this only happens when you are around to stop it from rubbing or scratching. If left alone to roam around your home (not monitored), you’re going to come home to a few nasty surprises on more than one occasion.
  • Once or twice a year, get a professional carpet cleaner in to give your carpet a once over (this removes the horrible smells, as well as the hairs and dirt your vacuum can’t normally get).
  • Call your Wellington carpet expert at Robert Inwood Flooring if your carpets simply can’t be restored, and let our talented team completely relay a fresh new floor of carpet in your home; give the place a new lease on life!


Stay tuned for our next article, coming later this month, where we’ll give you valuable tips for maintaining carpets with cats, bunnies and birds!