New carpet is a bit like a new haircut: it instantly transforms your entire look. Or, in this case, your home’s look. While we usually suggest experimenting with colours and textures when picking a new carpet, we’d like to suggest a third option for changing things up in the New Year…


Patterned carpets are an instant dose of personality in any home. Your Wellington carpet will speak volumes when proudly painted in a pattern to suit you perfectly. We encourage our customers to get bold and commit to a patterned carpet, but there are (of course) a few rules to abide by when balancing bold carpets for a successfully stylish interior:

Keeping it simple (sort of…)

Sure, patterned carpets are a little crazier than the usual mono coloured carpets that we are accustomed to. While a sample might look swish in the store, it’s important to remember that there’s a chance it might not work quite as well when used as an entire floor! Picture that pattern repeated across metres and metres of your home’s floor: does the mere idea give you a headache?

Play it safe by sticking with simple patterns, or stop by the Robert Inwood Flooring store in Wellington to talk interior design with any one of our experts!

Loud patterns: quiet colours

Busy patterns speak for themselves. A complex design generally doesn’t need a lot of colour to serve as a stylish statement: its shapes and curls speak volumes as a design choice. When shopping for a patterned carpet, focus on the shapes. Too many bright colours can be a bit of a headache when laid as a full, large room of carpet.

Pro tip: try stepping back and squinting your eyes at a sample of carpet. If it blends into one colour, it’s subtle. If the many colours still stand out, it’s a bit loud!

With great carpet comes great responsibility

It’s no secret that a stylish patterned carpet makes a big, bold statement, but with such exciting carpet comes a duty to the rest of your decor: let the carpet do the talking.

Let your eyes be naturally drawn to the beautiful designs on your carpet by relaxing the colours and textures of your walls and furniture. Keep colours neutral or in keeping with the palette of your patterned carpet. Most importantly…don’t cover it with a rug!


Do you think you’ll give patterned carpets a go in 2017? Give the team at Robert Inwood Flooring a call, or pop in store to chat about this cool trend today!