Floors and walls installed in materials that compliment each other are a match made in interior heaven. You simply can’t beat a home that comfortably marries its colour palette across its interior, and a successful palette begins from the ground up – starting with your carpets!

In our years as Wellington’s professional flooring experts, we’ve come across many folks looking to renovate or build from scratch, and we’ve witnessed a lot of disappointment when they discover that they have to go with a less-exciting carpet just to keep it from clashing with their predetermined colour scheme.

In today’s blog, we’d like to properly prepare our readers so that they are ready to put together a perfect colour scheme for their home or commercial interior. The interior colour inspiration starts right here at Robert Inwood Flooring!

Why the carpets and not the walls? 

Good question! While walls can be tested, paint pots can be returned, curtains can be swapped and even cupboards can be switched, carpets are a bit of a mission to replace. Once a carpet installation in Wellington takes place, it’ll be quite a while before it is replaced. Some carpets last for the entire existence of a Wellington home!

Additionally, seeing the carpet filling out floor space for the first time can have a pretty big impact on you! Ideally, we want your reaction to be ‘wow’ rather than ‘oh no, it looks terrible with the wallpaper’!

To get that good reaction, we recommend visiting the team at Robert Inwood Flooring when you first agree upon that all-important colour palette.  Bring your palette and some images for inspiration with you when you visit our affordable carpet store in Wellington. Our talented team will work with you to pick out the perfect carpet to compliment your colour scheme.

We stock a wide range of Wellington carpets from tiles and fluffy textures to bold patterns and colours.

When in doubt, go neutral! 

Again, because your walls and decorations are easy to change whenever you feel the need to do so, it’s a wise move to go with a carpet colour that is neutral enough to go with any wall/curtain combo.

Neutral shades sit within the coffee or grey realm. Shades of coffee from fluffy white cappuccinos to dark espresso hues will work wonders with pretty much anything (even an exactly-matching wall colour). Grey is an extremely forgiving hue, and most shades you choose will mercifully compliment even the craziest of wallpapers. Just be sure to go with a lighter shade of grey if you’ve already got your heart set on dark, dramatic walls.


We hope our article has been helpful for all you home-designing hopefuls! Remember, the team at Robert Inwood flooring install carpets in Wellington in addition to selling them. So, once you’ve selected an affordable Wellington carpet from our store, we can install that same carpet in your Wellington home! So simple, right? Good luck and happy home designing!