This blog was inspired by segments of the blog written by Simply Young Living. If you’re looking to update your carpet in Wellington this winter, then this article is the place to start inspiration-hunting!

Colour and texture are two ways to embrace winter in all its glory. As always, interior trends follow fashion: you can’t help but notice that the same shaggy, woven feel found in the jackets and throws entering our stores right now are also creeping into the inspiration for flooring. I think this, combined with a natural desire to revert to all things natural, leads to wool being seen as a top trend for carpets.


Trend Talk

Yes, wool is beautiful and it lasts, but you have to remember the way we live leaves its mark. If you have small children or messy pets, stick with synthetic fibres. SmartStrand Rhino carpet is a great alternative, offering softness under foot without the inherent staining and fade of natural fibres. With a large range of colour choices, I recommend this family-friendly option. To add further longevity to a carpet, choose a neutral colour such as Slate Tile in the shaggy Ingenious Flair texture to complement the rest of your interiors.

Remember a trend is just that, it will pass. Think of green as an accent, while flooring and other foundation pieces are investments. Mix darker pieces of furniture with lighter, more emerald greens to make your wood glow.


If you’re looking to update your Wellington carpets this winter, then the team at Robert Inwood Flooring can help you there! We sell affordable carpets in Wellington, and we offer professional carpet installation and repair services.