If wall-to-wall carpet isn’t the thing for your building, rugs or strategically placed carpet tiles might just be the perfect alternative. They’re easy to move and clean as needed, extra handy in the wellington winter. They come with less commitment, you can easily swap them out if its redecorating time or you just got bored with the look.

There are some important factors things to keep in mind though, so before you commit to a truckload of area rugs give these do’s and don’ts some thought:

Don’t skimp on size.

It’s the most common mistake when using rugs or carpet tiles. In the living room you want the rug to be beneath all key furniture, the same for the dining room. If at all possible when the chairs of your dining table are pulled out from under the table their legs should all still be on the rug.

Do keep the rug centred in the room.

The key is to keep the same amount of floor space on each side of the rug, ideally anywhere from eight inches to twenty-four. Eighteen is a common sweet spot. As long as it’s the same on all sides you won’t end up with a room that feels wonky.

Don’t fear vibrant colours and patterns!

A good rug or patch of carpet tiles is a wonderful way to add a little playfulness to a room. A bold, bright colour will add light to a dark room, a funky pattern brings liveliness and makes it memorable. A good rug doesn’t have to be gunmetal grey, a rosy red or a gregarious green would make for a striking, modern look in any room.

Do look into appropriate cleaning techniques before you purchase.

This is especially important in your home, keep in mind what sort of wear and tear they’re likely to have regarding where they’re placed. A delicate, difficult to clean rug probably doesn’t belong in a child’s room or anywhere near the kitchen. Find out what sort of cleaning products they require, and how expensive it is. Always factor cleaning into your budget.



Blog by Leticia Philip.