Do you feel like there’s something not quite right with your Wellington carpets? Do you feel as though your Wellington carpet installation could have been a lot smoother? Perhaps the defects in your flooring installation are glaringly obvious, or perhaps they’re subtle; not making an appearance until its too late and the repair prices become unmanageable.

Whatever the case, there are means and ways by which to tell whether or not you’ve been visited by ‘carpet cowboys’ rather than a professional flooring installation team such as the folks at Robert Inwood.

In today’s article, we’ll touch on a few tell-tale signs you can look out for when inspecting your Wellington carpet quality and deciding whether or not you might need an installation or repair. Remember, if you spot any of these defects in your own carpet, you can count on the talented team at Robert Inwood to repair, improve or reinstall carpets in any area of your home and at any stage of your installation.


Start by investigating the edges

A poor quality Wellington carpet installation is almost always completed (or, incompleted rather) with awkward, unsightly edges. Head to your bathrooms or kitchens and inspect the area where your carpet finishes and meets the bathroom tiles, lino or wood. Do these edges have frayed portions of fabric or string protruding from the carpet? Is the carpet indeed connected and flush (or flat) against the tiles, or do portions of the carpet stick up? If you can lift any section of this carpet, you’ve had a dodgy installation.

Likewise, seams of carpet shouldn’t be visible in the middle of larger rooms. If they are visible, they should at least be subtle enough to not be noticed; to not draw the eye as soon as you look down. If these seams appear noticeably wide, frayed or even liftable, you should ask a professional Wellington flooring expert to tend to this defect immediately. Gaps like this are widened and worsened with normal, everyday walking over and use of the carpets, so see to it that you avoid worse and more costly repairs down the line and fix the gap sooner rather than later.


An uneven surface

Do you notice areas of carpet gather like little folds or mounds with you shift furniture or vacuum? This isn’t supposed to happen! Even the cheapest Wellington carpets should be installed correctly without bunching or gathering. Such discrepancies in the evenness of your carpet can cause trips and falls. Tall and lofty furniture can topple over on these carpets, and the overall appearance just looks cheap and nasty.