If you haven’t had a read of our introduction to this series, please feel free to do so here, then come back to this blog post when you’re ready to continue. Today, we’re diving back into the telling signs of expired carpet: what to look for when considering committing to a full replacement.

Yes, your carpets can go bald too…

If life has caused you to lose your hair and develop deep-set wrinkles, your carpets can certainly relate. Unfortunately, there are no hair transplants or botox options available for carpets, and they simply cannot age as gracefully as we might. So, in the case of carpets, when we see balding, tearing, bumps, lumps, wrinkles and full-on rips…it’s time to turf the turf.

High-traffic areas of your home such as the entranceway, hallway, and any patches of carpet around doorways in your home are usually the first to lose their fluffiness. You’ll be able to find these areas naturally as you walk over your carpet in bare feet. Observe the fluffiness and fullness of the carpet that is closest to the walls, or hidden under furniture, in comparison to the middle strip of your hallway. Can you see the depreciation where many feet have been? If an area feels hard and a little bit plasticy, then it’s time to replace your floors. The team at Robert Inwood Flooring can provide you with a beautiful, durable carpet replacement. You might find your replacement carpets outlive your current floor by years! Fresh floors are definitely a worthy investment.

Moisture (that doesn’t move)

Mould, mildew and a stale odour are sure signs that your carpet has seen a few too many winters. Like a sponge, some carpets soak up moisture more readily than others and they tend to hold onto it long enough for negative impacts to take place. If you’re looking for visible signs of moisture buildup, you’ll see it in stains along your floors and perhaps on the surrounding walls. Yellowing and mould spores are the most obvious visible signs of water damage. Sometimes you won’t be able to see signs of moisture buildup in your carpet; they don’t call mould the silent killer for no reason! If your house sees a lot of condensation, or you’ve had flooding in the past and didn’t get your carpets replaced, your family’s health might be at risk. Please don’t delay to get your Wellington carpets replaced with Robert Inwood Flooring.

Speaking of health hazards…

Have you or your family members been sneezing a lot more these days? A dusty carpet is the bane of anyone who possesses even the slightest hint of an allergy. Over the years, dust, dirt and eventually endless dust mites are ground into your carpet so deeply that they can no longer be removed upon professional steam cleaning. If laying down on your carpet makes it a little hard for you to breath, and every morning starts off with a good family sneezing session, it’s time for fresh Wellington carpet installation! Prioritise your family’s health and comfort by investing in fresh carpets. If cost is an issue, you can visit Robert Inwood Flooring and talk to our friendly shop assistants about our affordable Wellington carpet options. Don’t be shy, please stop by!


Once you have finally committed to the concept of refreshing your floors, we hope that you support your local Wellington carpet installation professionals and choose the team at Robert Inwood Flooring! We look forward to transforming both your home and lifestyle with a lovely new floor of finely laid carpet that’ll be sure to last!