How much of my home needs Wellington carpets?

How much of my home needs Wellington carpets?

If you’ve already decided to update your Wellington carpets in time for winter, we’re super excited for you! Carpets are a truly transformative change: they improve the quality of life vastly in your home and (of course) they look great.

Whether you’re renovating the carpets in your Wellington home, or installing carpets for the first time, the team at Robert Inwood Flooring have got some expert tips for you to take away from today’s blog…


Planning your Wellington carpet installation 

It has become quite trendy for homes to only install carpets in the bedrooms and sometimes the hallways. Even lounges go without carpets; families choose to lay multiple rugs out instead.

While this might look quite trendy ans sleek, we encourage you to reconsider nixing so much carpet, and we’ve got our reasons:

  • Wellington winters are bitter and relentless: a carpeted floor traps heat and possesses beneficial insulation qualities, keeping your family comfortable and safe all winter long!
  • Wood, lino and tile floors can be surprisingly noisy! If your family has cats, dogs or kids that like to scuttle up and down the hallway in the wee hours, you might like to opt for the noise-reducing benefits of a professional Wellington carpet installation.
  • Do you like to get down on the floor to join your kids in their Lego-building adventures? Do you sometimes enjoy reading a book sprawled across the floor by a window, soaking up the sunshine? Resting any part of your body on wood floors and even rug-decorated wood floors can be uncomfortable and cold. Our professional team of Wellington carpet installers ensure a thick, comfortable padding goes between your carpet and the base of your home. This extra layer of padding offers a springy comfort that you just can’t beat in a family that spends a lot of its time hunkered down on the floor.

Essentially, we encourage our customers to think about their lifestyle (rather than the latest trends) when deciding which rooms in their home to carpet.

Book your Wellington carpet installation today! 

Have these tips from our flooring company in Wellington helped you get an idea of where you might like to install your carpets? For more flooring tips and tricks, keep an eye out for our next blog where we offer a few more suggestions for folks new to flooring in Wellington!

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