Can you believe we’re already halfway through October? Any moment now our loved ones will flock from all over the country to spend Christmas, or some portion of Summer, celebrating with us. Longer days and warmer nights mean BBQ’s and brunches; the more the merrier! However, having your family stay at your house for the holidays can be somewhat stressful, especially when there’s a struggle for places to sleep.

Not to worry, though, because Robert Inwood Flooring has the perfect solution for you!

Carpet comes to the rescue 

One quick call to your trusted Wellington Carpet Company will have the lack of sleeping spots sorted in a second! Since most Wellington residence choose not to use their garage space for anything other than storage, you might as well ‘spiff up’ that storage space and turn it into a place of convenience…and rest.

To achieve an ‘extra room’ for your guests, spruce up a section (or the entirety) of your garage with an affordable Wellington carpet. Floor your garage with a comfy coat of soft carpets to give it an ‘indoor’ feeling, and top off this makeshift guest room by brushing the walls with fresh paint.

You’ll have a new room ready to house relatives, mates and mates of mates.

A quick trip to The Warehouse or Kmart

Now all that’s left to do is deck the space out with furnishings and a touch of home decor. You might like to try the ultra-convenient convertible sofa-bed out for size; allowing you to pack away the big bed and chill out in this comfortable space while it’s not being used for sleeping.

Other uses for a carpeted garage

When summer subsides and you’re left with your carpeted garage space, you can get creative with a few of these alternate use ideas:

  • Home office
  • Student Sleepout
  • Playroom/Party room
  • Man Cave
  • Studio (craft, art, music etc)
  • Classroom for homeschooling or extra-curricular lessons