Welcome to Wellington! Our cool little capital city is the home of many different kinds of colourful, cozy boutique stores, and we’re looking forward to shopping at yours!

If you’re looking at opening a store here in Wellington, then we encourage you to support your local Wellington flooring experts when selecting a carpet or lino surface for your floors.

Things to consider when flooring your new retail property in Wellington: different materials for different spaces

Firstly, you’ll need to consider the separate spaces of the store, and their specific requirements.

For example, your store kitchen and the area behind the counter will most likely need waterproof, spillproof floor. These areas see a lot of use from the staff too, so we recommend vinyl floor. You can have vinyl floor installed in Wellington at an affordable price, and it comes in a range of cool styles and colours.

The next space (and, of course, the most important on your list) to consider will be the area upon which your customers will be browsing, dining, waiting, or trying on clothes.

For this space, we usually recommend carpet. Carpet is comfortable, warm and inviting for your customers. It also gives an impression of luxury to your store that shinier surfaces might not have otherwise achieved.

Who to call when you’re ready to install your floor?

The friendly team at Robert Inwood Flooring have been flooring Wellington homes and commercial buildings for years. We know Wellington buildings inside and out, and we respect our customer’s furniture through the entire process of installing your carpet.

Get in touch with us any time to get your store looking superb and ready for a great year of business in Wellington!