There are a few places that carpet just can’t go; where we need our floors to be waterproof and mop-able. These places are generally the kitchen and bathrooms. Kitchens, especially, are susceptible to a world of spills, stains and splashes, so it’s important that the floor space in your kitchen is mop-able.

Your Kitchen at Work

The work kitchen is a duty-driven place, where copious coffees get brewed, and staff members stuff the microwave with a myriad of messy meals. Long story short: your work kitchen is going to see a lot of dishes, spills, and staff use.

Work kitchens also tend to be a lot bigger than our kitchens at home. They often need to accommodate entire teams; floors of folks who need to pile in and get their meals stored, heated and prepared, then cleaned up after at the end of their lunch breaks.

Recommended flooring type: lino/vinyl.

Lino goes a long way. It’s easy to install, clean, and even replace. It can be laid in tiles or large long pieces. The best part is: it’s super cheap. That’s why lino is the go-to flooring option for places like school staff rooms and large company kitchens.

Your Kitchen at Home 

Your home is a little less industrial than the office, so style become a priority here. You need a floor that can serve its purpose of being easy to clean and waterproof, while still maintaining the overall comfortable aesthetic of your home.

Recommended flooring type: vinyl planks.

Vinyl planks install like lino tiles, but appear as a beautiful, stylish wooden floor. They’re easy to clean, don’t require polishing, and can be replaced plank-by-plank in case of damage. Oh, and (of course) they’re super affordable! Perfect for a budget-conscious home, or rental property.


So which kitchen floor do you need to hire a Wellington flooring company to install? Get in contact today and let us know!