Moving and relocating your furnishings in a carpeted home can cause some seriously unsightly marks to appear all over the place. It can make your home look like a student flat full-time. You’d be surprised how often folks will come requesting brand new carpets to replace their marked ones, when all the furniture-indented floors need is a little practical magic!

Here are our top carpet-restoring tips for furniture indents (and how to get rid of them for good)…

Ice Cubes

This cool trick takes a few cubes of ice, which you’ll need to place on or inside each dent in your carpet. Use as many as needed (don’t be stingy with your ice cubes)! Give the ice time to melt. The cold water will work to restore the fibers of your carpet back to their natural shape and height.

This method can take a lot of time, and might require some assistance (the day after applying the ice) with a dull fork: simply comb the carpet fibers with the fork to gently coax them back to formation.

Steam cleaning

Sometimes a good ol’ steam cleaning is all your nicked-up carpet needs. Hire your Wellington carpeting specialist to pay your home a visit. A professional steam clean can restore life and shape to your carpet in one afternoon, and you’ll be left with the most fresh floors.

Hot Iron

This method is one you’ll need to implement when the little ones and pets aren’t around for safety reasons. You’ll be recreating the effect of a steam cleaner with moisture and an iron (as in the kind you flatten your clothes with). Cover the marked areas with a damp towel, and go over the towel/area with your hot iron. This will create a decent amount of steam with which to restore your indented carpets.



If your carpet marks have gone beyond repair, and you find yourself left with floors that are too far gone, get in touch with the Wellington flooring experts at Robert Inwood Flooring. We can have your Wellington carpets replaced with affordable flooring options.