Investing in a darker shade of carpet could be the best home improvement choice you ever make! Dark carpets are friendly, forgiving, and easy to mask mess within. Today we’re going to fire through some interior design suggestions: if one of these criteria fits you, it might be time for new carpets in Wellington!


Messy little mites

Families with little ones will be well acquainted with a their household stain removers. Be it bustling in and out of doors during play or craft-time with bright coloured paints, kids have a habit of bringing all kinds of crazy, colourful mess to our carpets. For this reason, we always recommend a darker shade of carpet to clients in a young family. You won’t have to lose your mind over every spill!

Recommended colours: keep it warm with a cozy chocolate brown, or soft-on-the-eyes with a lush deep forest green.


Furry friends

We all love our furry little friends…right up until they mistake our carpets for toilets! It doesn’t stop there, either: pets can wreak all kinds of havoc upon a carpeted home. Be it scratching, walking in a tonne of mud, or shedding an unfair amount of fuzz, it’s best to go with a carpet colour that can hold its own against the forces of fur!

Recommended colours: keep things on the natural-toned side when buying carpets to cater to your pets. Blues, greens and reds will only highlight the more neutral tones of pet fur. Stick with coffee coloured shades that run dark to medium in lightness to disguise all that fluff and stuff. If your cats like to scratch, you might like to ask your Wellington carpet installer for some excess carpet with which to make them a custom scratching post!


A thriving flat

All Wellington rental properties should invest in a dark carpet. Why? Because if you’re expecting a relatively high turnover of tenants living in your property, you’ll need a carpet that can keep up with them! New furnishings constantly moving in and out, meals eaten in bedrooms and occasional parties are just a few potentially damaging circumstances your property’s capets could face. To keep things looking fresh (and attractive for future flatmates), opt for a darker carpet rather than a light, bright floor full of very visable stains.

Recommended colour: charcoal and shades of dark grey. Grey never goes out of style, and – paired with a nice white wall – it’ll make your home look a lot more modern. Grey also has a magical way of just going with everything (better than white) so your tenants won’t have to worry about clashing their furnishings with the floors. Everyone wins!


Keen to try one of our dark coloured carpet suggestions? Get in touch with the Wellington flooring experts at Robert Inwood Flooring today!