Shopping should be more than a chore: it should be an experience. Under the right conditions, a trip to the store can be an event, and browsers can become loyal customers in a matter of minutes. To achieve this, your store will need to make the right impression on your shoppers; to make the right impression, your store should focus on its appearance and overall mood. Nice colour themes, smart lighting and – of course – comfortable, sleek carpets work wonders for shop owners and shoppers alike!

So, that being said, let’s look at store carpets; their benefits and some tips for selecting the right colour…

Why choose carpeted floor for your store? 

Carpeting your shop’s floor is an automatic gesture of welcome to your customer. Instead of welcoming them to a sterile, echoing environment, you’re practically inviting them home into a cosy, comfortable space.

Carpeted shops are lovely to travel through, and thus are likely to keep browsers around longer, and that means they have a higher chance of becoming customers. Customers will also enjoy the delightful feel of comfort and privacy if you choose to carpet changing rooms in a clothing store. Carpeted changing rooms eliminate noise, and feel luxurious as your shoppers remove their shoes to pop on a dress or pair of pants.

Carpets also provide a decent amount of insulation in your store, which means you’ll have a quieter, warmer space for your shoppers and staff. They’ll also work to soak up any extra noise so that your store won’t feel like a large, echoing warehouse.

Which carpets work for a shop? 

If your brand or store has a specific colour theme, you could have a bit of fun and incorporate it into your carpets. Because stores aren’t as restricted to sticking with neutrals as homes might be, you could use tiled carpets in a coloured pattern, or create differently themed spaces by sectioning areas with specific colours of carpet.

If your displayed stock needs to stand out, you could keep things sleek and simple by opting for one easy-on-the-eyes neutral colour, such as beige or white, to keep your store clean, coherent and bright.


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