No matter where you were in New Zealand this week, you would have experienced some pretty chilly weather heralding the end of our fabulous summer. Whether you were one of the Aucklanders whose home was left without power after storms, or your house was blanketed by snow in Southland or accosted by the bitter winds of Wellington, we’re all starting to think about how to stay warm and dry this winter.

When we think about how to keep our homes warm, we often think about wall and ceiling insulation. But actually, quite a bit of heat can be lost through our floors as well. If we get our flooring choices right we can really help keep our homes warm in winter, but also create a much more enjoyable living environment all year round too.

Keeping warm with carpet

If keeping your home warm is your top priority, then carpet is your best choice. Because carpet traps air in its soft fluffiness, it acts as a really good thermal insulator­–much better than wood, vinyl, or tile options.

There are a couple of ways to boost the thermal properties of carpet too:

  1. Choosing a carpet with a thicker pile will provide greater insulation and warmth.
  2. A good thick underlay will reduce the amount of heat lost through your flooring. Most underlays also have a thermal insulation rating, so you know just how effective they are.
  3. Although synthetic carpets are an increasingly popular choice, wool carpets provide better thermal insulation.

Keeping warm with hard flooring

If you’re in love with your hard floor (wood, laminate, vinyl, or tile) and don’t want to forgo it for carpet, there are still heaps of ways to keep your home cosy this winter.

  1. Do you have underfloor insulation? There are lots of different types of underfloor insulation, so have a bit of a shop around to see what suits you and your budget.
  2. Invest in some rugs for rooms that you are often in. There’s nothing so bracing as hopping out of your warm bed and onto your freezing floor! Rugs in your bedroom and living rooms prevent heat transfer and create a warmer surface to walk and sit on.
  3. You can prevent heat from escaping your room by buying and attaching draft blockers to your doors.
  4. Some types of hard flooring are warmer than others: vinyl, for example, is a warmer choice and it can come in a variety of different styles, including real-look wood and ceramics.
  5. And for some extra luxurious warmth during winter, consider investing in some under-floor heating.

If you’re looking for a warmer flooring choice for this winter, or need some expert advice about flooring options for you then contact our team at Robert Inwood Flooring Ltd.