The lounge

As many a drink or meal will be enjoyed in the lounge and living room, carpet is subsequently not always the best option for this space. Things spill: it’s a fact of life. Because of this, you might want to consider your alternatives for the lounge area.

Your lounge is also the space in which your guests will spend most of their time when they come to visit. You might appreciate the freedom of being able to seasonally change up your decor in this space by alternating between cushions and coloured rugs: another benefit of a carpet-alternative in this room, rather than one coloured carpet that you’d be stuck with all year long. Vinyl planks are very cost effective alternative to carpet or expensive wood floors. Resilient in design, Vinyl planks are tough yet realistic-looking.


The Office

The office is a bit of a tough one. Whether or not you should carpet this space really depends on what kind of work gets carried out in your home office. If it’s crafty work with potential for mess, we recommend Vinyl. Modern Vinyl flooring is some of the most durable and water resistant, and can completely transform a room, with cost effective yet modern and attractive styles.  

Alternatively, if you’re working long hours at a computer, we would then recommend carpet for its comfort and the insulation it provides in the winter. A cold, hard-floored office isn’t pleasant to work long hours in over the winter.


If you’re ever stuck and unsure as to what flooring option to go with in your home, you can always call the Wellington flooring experts at Robert Inwood Flooring. We are your Wellington carpet and Wellington vinyl flooring go-to team!