If you’ve ever lived in a house with a wooden staircase then there’s a good chance you’ve taken a tumble along your steps – especially if you like to sport socks indoors! We believe that you should be able to comfortable ascend and descend your staircase comfortable and safely, socks or no. So, we’ve dedicated this month’s Wellington flooring blog to carpeted stairs: how they can benefit your home in both the safety and style departments.



Having fluffy carpets running along your staircase is a truly charming comfort for any family home. A careful and professional Wellington carpet installation can work wonders on a wooden staircase, providing your family with a sort of ‘runway’ up and down your house. The Wellington carpet experts at Robert Inwood Flooring will make sure your carpets are flush with your wooden stairs, meaning the carpets won’t seem awkward or out of place in the overall appearance of your home.

Our Wellington flooring experts can help you select a style and colour of carpet that will tie in beautifully with the existing theme of your interior. Applying a lighter hued carpet to a dark stairwell might actually help to brighten and liven up the place, as lighter carpets reflect more light throughout your interior.



The carpet provides extra friction for fast feet, meaning fewer slips and more stick! If you have children or pets running up and down the stairs every day, it pays to provide them with a surface that isn’t going to send them sliding. Wellington carpets are an especially good option for narrow staircases with lots of small steps, or for shallow steps where there’s less room for an average human foot to get a solid, flat grip.


If you already have carpet on your stairs and it’s done its job for a while, it might pay to have our Wellington carpet installation experts inspect your staircase. Worn carpets can sometimes be even more slippery than wood, so invest in a replacement to ensure the overall safety of your family as they use this space.