A professional Wellington carpet installation brings endless benefits to a family home. In today’s article, we’ll walk through a day with Wellington carpets, giving you an idea of what you might expect after a visit from a Wellington flooring expert. We’ll look specifically at the delights carpet can offer your home during the winter.


In the morning

Carpet actually helps you get out of bed on a chilly morning. Picture popping your toes out from the covers and burying them in the cosy fibres of your woolly Wellington carpets. As you go about your morning routine, dressing and travelling up and down the hallway or staircase, you’ll enjoy the cushiony sensation of carpet beneath your busy feet. Be it getting ready for work or rounding up the kids for school, a carpeted home is a happy home on a cold winter’s morn!

During the day

If you have little ones who like to play with dolls and legos on the floor, you’ll absolutely see the benefits of carpets! A Wellington flooring expert can ensure your playroom and living room have extra-padded carpets to give little ones a safe space to toddle and roll about on. Little bottoms will appreciate the cushiony texture of the carpet, and ‘crash landings’ will be harmless in comparison to hardwood or tiled floors. As for the rest of the family, travelling across your cosy Wellington carpets will be a delight. Pets will sprawl about and find a favourite corner to curl up in, and humans might hunker down and join ’em!

In the evening

Even if you purchase the most affordable, cheap Wellington carpet that your budget can allow, you’ll still have cheaper power bills to look forward to in the future. When it comes to Wellington flooring, each and every carper works in energy-saving synchronisation with your heating system (heatpump or wall-heater) to maintain the heat within your four walls. Carpets insulate and in some cases capture pockets of heat, meaning your carpeted Wellington home will heat more quickly, and will stay that way for hours on end.