We have provided affordable carpets in Wellington and offered our professional carpet installation services in Wellington for a number of years now. It has been our pleasure to provide homeowners with the perfect flooring option for their homes! In our time as Wellington’s carpet experts, we’ve been asked a number of questions by our clients regarding the selection and care of their carpets. Some of these questions tend to pop up more commonly than others. So, in today’s article, we’d like to tackle one of the most commonly asked carpet queries that we receive from our customers each week…

Choosing carpets: light or dark? 

In our affordable Wellington carpet store, our staff are often asked whether they would recommend light or dark carpets. Committing to one specific shade for a whole home is certainly nerve-wracking, so we consider this a very good question! However, it is a question that can only be answered by you as you consider your specific situation.

Here’s the easiest way to tell which sort of carpet you should be choosing for your home:


Dark floors are perfect for flatmates or families. They are excellent at disguising stains and tend to take longer to look worn and torn in areas that see a high rate of foot traffic. Pet owners should also consider dark carpets, especially if you expect to be toilet training your animals indoors.

One negative trait of dark carpets is that they tend to make a room appear smaller and darker, as they absorb a lot of light. It’s important to invest in light wall paint and bright overhead lights if you choose to install dark carpet in your Wellington home.


Light carpets can look gorgeous! They’re definitely the most fashionable of the two shade options, and show up beautifully in photos. Light carpets also work with natural outdoor light that filters indoors to reflect sunshine and brighten your room. You’ll be able to enjoy more light and a more open-feeling room, making this choice perfect for homes in valleys or nestled between tall trees that tend to miss out on a lot of valuable sunlight.

Obviously, light carpets are a bad idea if you’re living with young children, training pets, or leasing a home to tenants from whom you are expecting a high turnover rate. While you can get your lighter carpets treated with stain-proof materials, it isn’t best to rely on these means when committing to one shade for a whole home…you never know what you’ll spill!


At the end of the day, you should opt for the carpet that suits you and your situation, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! If you don’t like dark carpets, but you have conceded that this is the best option for your messy family home, then our staff can offer a medium-toned alternative that will appear warm and bright while working to disguise wear, tear and stains. If the thought of bright carpets gives you a headache, we have a wide range of gorgeous deep shades to peruse in store (at pleasantly affordable prices). All it takes is a good browse and some helpful service: where better to go for this than Robert Inwood Flooring in Wellington? We look forward to seeing you and helping you pick out the perfect carpet!