Have the past few weeks spent indoors inspired you to create a renovation wishlist? We’re pretty sure that all of us will be leaving this lockdown with full Pinterest boards covered in reno ideas. In today’s article, we’re going to touch on our favourite feature that we believe any family home will be wanting to update after living in lockdown. 

Fresh floors.


Hunker down and smell the roses (or the fibres) 

It’s honestly quite surprising to consider how much time we tend to spend on the floor, especially when we’re house-bound. Whether it’s in the name of playtime with the kids and you’re hunkering down to get on their level, a washing folding and organisation session, a morning pilates routine or a change of position for laptop use, we imagine that it didn’t take you long to discover what sort of condition your carpets were in during the lockdown.

We’re not here to judge. Carpets are, first and foremost, here to be walked on, and a busy family doesn’t tend to stop and ‘smell the fibres’ very often. But when you’re homestuck and left to stop and notice these sorts of things, we would imagine that it would be hard not to want to renovate and update your Wellington floors after seeing them in a less than ideal condition.  

Wellington carpet renovations can be simple and affordable for your family. Our Wellington carpet installations are quick, clean, convenient and, depending on the type of carpet you choose, cheap! 

If you’re unsure as to whether or not your Wellington floors are due for a replacement, here are a few signs you can look for next time you’re down on the ground: 

  • Bad smells that linger, especially on warmer, more humid days 
  • A layer of dirt or hair, even after a good vacuuming job 
  • Worn patches where the carpet is thin or shiny (areas where people put their feed in front of the couch, hallways and the ‘u’ shape of space around a double bed, for example) 
  • Overall discolouration (most noticeable when you move rugs or couches and notice the colour discrepancy between the more used carpet and the usually covered areas) 
  • The carpet doesn’t ‘fluff up’ after a vacuum – it stays flat and lifeless

Pay careful attention to your Wellington floors during this lockdown and, if your carpets are due to be replaced, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Wellington flooring professionals for a transformative carpet replacement!