In the 45+ years that we have spend installing carpets in Wellingon and helping our region’s residents with their flooring, we’ve accumulated quite a few off-cuts. Off-cuts come in all manner of shapes, sizes, textures and colours, but whatever the off-cut might be, rest assured that it is a top-quality and brand-new product…it just doesn’t come on the conventional ‘big roll of carpet’ that homeowners might be used to. 

In addition to having a few of our own off-cuts handy, we’ve also built some rather beautiful relationships with our suppliers over the years; suppliers who provide pretty sweet deals on a wide range of gorgeous carpets, lovely lino floors and beyond. 

If anyone can help you source and install cheap carpets in Wellington, it’s the Robert Inwood Flooring team. 

Why go second-hand (or off-cut) for your carpets? 

Sure, second-hand or off-cut carpets are going to save you a lot of money. Like, a lot of money. But the benefits of opting for a less expensive and slightly less luxuriously-sourced carpet don’t stop and saving pennies. With this method of sourcing your Wellington carpet installation, you’ll also be benefitting the environment. 

How? We’ll explain now. 

You see, when you shop for carpets, selecting from a brand-new roll of carpet from a store usually prompts the store owners to place an order for a replacement to their sold stock, thereby causing the carpet manufacturer to use more environmental resources to produce and send the restock roll of carpet.

When you select a carpet that’s second-hand or comes as an off-cut from a previous Wellington carpet installation, you are essentially breathing new life into what might have been a wasted portion of carpet. It’s like upcycling, only on a way bigger scale! 

You’re also opting to use an existing product without causing anyone to have to manufacture new stock to replenish whatever supply you might have used. You’re making the most of what’s available, while enjoying a beautifully carpeted Wellington home at a fraction of the cost of new carpet. 


Honestly, everybody wins, so why wouldn’t you want to try this excellent Wellington flooring option?